Who are we ?

Time To Act (timetoactmusic.com) is not a band.  It is a project by and for the citizens of this world, concerned by issues that will affect our children’s lives if we fail to act now.

We come from various cultural, professional and political backgrounds and share a willingness to use our common passion for music as a way to express our concerns and fears.

Time To Act is in no way a political movement. For we reckon that expressing concerns about climate change, racism, pollution or disinformation is not a political act but rather plain common sense.

Our first single, ‘Hope’, sets the tone and addresses most issues that we feel revolted by. Written by Pallage, Terzi, Vozella and Brynin, it features the amazing voices of Matteo Terzi (ranked 2nd in the 2019 edition of The Voice Belgique), Nicholas Brynin aka ‘Midnight Mastermind’ (finalist in the 2019 edition of The Voice Belgique) and Chloé Anzalone (Anza). ‘Hope’ is produced by Giuliano Vozella, mixed and mastered by Francesco Castrovilli.  It is released under Belgium’s leading Indie Label, Freaksville and we are very proud of this.

We feel very inspired at the moment with the daily international news providing much material! Our second single is in preparation. It will attempt to describe what life might be for someone being 30 in 2050 if we all fail to acknowledge the urge to act.

The core of writers of Time To Act will always be composed of Pallage (lyrics) and of the amazing musicians Terzi and Vozella. Other writers, voices and musicians will join the project over time and will allow us to have a very varied musical signature, enabling us to hopefully reach wide audiences with our message.

How and Why?

The time is long gone when Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young released (1970) the powerful ‘Ohio’ less than three weeks after the Kent State killing of 4 students by the National Guard.  The spontaneity of protest songs has been very present with other examples such as ‘What are their names?’ by David Crosby, ‘We shall overcome’ by Joan Baez and more recently ‘Killing in the name of’, ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ and the early years of Paul Weller’s career.  We believe that this spontaneity of protest songs has disappeared while at the same time the revolting topics seem to multiply and to deviously sneak into the normality of our lives. And we simply cannot have it.

In all humility, we wish to contribute to put the Protest Song in the forefront. We want lyrics that really tackle the ugly truth. Rather than a classic ‘rock’ approach, we want to use today’s radio format in order to reach audiences of all ages and to convey the message that this normality that settles in a rather fatalistic way, cannot be tolerated.  Hence, Time To Act.


Hope Lyrics - By Pallage, Terzi, Vozella and Brynin

Tell me ‘bout hope 

Arctic is melting in unseen heat 

A Chinese hoax 

Till Donald’s greens flooded 

Late wake up call 

Nowhere near an option 

So many warnings 

There is no planet B 


I can’t breathe  

What are we doing to our kids? 

I can’t breathe  

This is no world to live in 

I can’t breathe  

It's all in our hands 

I can’t breathe  

You know that it's the time to act 


Tell me about decency 

People in suits have Nazi tattoos  

Racist pricks 

The new breed everywhere  

White supremacy 

Never been an option 

Learn from history 

I shout we've been there before 


(rap section) 

Rhymin and shouting with decency 

Got a clear planning ahead of me 

White supremacy 

Cop brutality 

a drop too much in the flooded seas/of economy 

all of that shit is not fair to me 

I diss and I disagree 

but it's not only up to me 

I'm no god I'm you 

Just a voice that makes you listen through 

Whatever your beliefs are too 

It's not where you're from that gives your voice the golden truth 

The healthiest blabbers cuz they're part of the crew 

Black lives matter 

Well the new kids too 


I can’t breathe  

What are we doing to our kids? 

I can’t breathe  

This is no world to live in 

I can’t breathe  

It's all in our hands 

I can’t breathe  

You know that it's the time to act 


Tell me about trust 

Alternative facts and fake news 

Deceived masses 

Are fed propaganda 

Your friends  

Might be Russian bots 

They’re beyond corrupt  

I say: enough lies!

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